…to Musicians, Places, Causes and Organizations that TR Loved!


These are some of TR’s favorite musical people, dear friends who have sung his songs and promoted his work!


Alisa Fineman
Belinda Bowler
Bernice Lewis 
Charlie Kopp
Cosy Sheridan
Chris Lunn
Dan Maher
Danny Deardorff
Dennis Dougherty
El McMeen
Heidi Muller
Janis Carper
Judith Kate Freidman
Kat Eggleston
Karin Blaine
Larry Pattis
Lisa Theo
Michael McNevin
Tracy Moore
Tracy Spring


These are some of TR’s favorite places!

Arches Book Company a splendid independent bookstore in moab, utah.

Moab folk Festival annual festival and music camp. great music. great location.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary caring for all creatures great and small.


These are some of TR’s favorite good causes!

Canyon Country Zephyr “clinging hopelessly to the past since 1989.”

Michael Moore.Com stirring the pot to agitate the scum at the top

Move-On.Org illigitimi non carborundum. Carpe Diem.

Natural Resources Defense Council dedicated to saving earth’s endangered wild places.

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance a great organization dedicated to wilderness protection.

The Whitebark Foundation learn about this great little tree before it’s gone.


These are some of TR’s favorite “good fun” sites!

Despair.Com ‘cuz sometimes optimism just don’t cut it.

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